Tuesday, January 18, 2011


sudah berpunya k~ ku n nya knek dh lebih 2 years!wuwu.lamak rite.i really love him so mush.no one that can replacing him from my heart forever!PROMISE DEAR.k.his name is amirul lambong.muda setahun from me.that is 17 years old.he is islam.race kenyah thailand(dad kenyah n his mom is thailand)enough la pdh ckit sal ny.ehe(xboleh byk gk bha:P) i started couple w him since 04 oktober 2008.heheh.(asa dak xlamak pun 2 tahun ia)
at GOL               

lepaking together w him 
posing w him at tanjunk.thank for his friend(yatiek) for snaping this pictures
the candid faces of us

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