Friday, February 18, 2011

dirty little secret..

to all my lovely frens that involves that time..martina haren aka tinut, adelyn aka awikk n rayna aka rinut.

hahaha!i hv suddenly remember the book that we make "DIRTY LITTLE SECRET".kita balut2 gk that book with shinny red to show the hating mode.really crazy n stupid oo.but im really missing that time lol..huhu:(
that book we wrote everythng what we feel and keep it as our damn shit secret.hahah!btw,so long that i don't see dat book.sometimes i will laugh laugh and laughing to read it..hahah!i still the name of " kampung boy" and "hantu kuril" name that we gave to that personn bha..hahaha!shhh~(xboleh pdah nama org,it still the little secret bha)
oke to else lovely that filicia, pinnie, and sigank..
blom masuk dalam penerbitan buku ini..sila mendaftar untuk terbitan buk yang terbaru pada masa akn datang.:)kiddin hahaaha!:D
don't follow at home..
similar like this the dirty little secret but not exactly
DANGEROUS! remember that u all:D

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